Gua Sha Traditional Massage (Chinese Ancient Traditional Face Massage)

刮痧 Guāshā in Chinese means scratching and is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M)

Scratching the skin with keratin tablets with rounded edges has as its main goal the detoxification of the area, the good blood circulation, the renewal and rejuvenation of the connective tissue in the outer layers of the facial skin and the creation of new capillaries

After a Guasha session, you will see an improvement in skin tone, your face will lighten and by regularly following a program of at least 6 sessions you will notice real regeneration, straightening and tightening of the face

Wrinkles are smoothed out, fine lines are lost, discoloration and acne are corrected, aging is prevented

Gua Sha massage has no side effects, it is completely safe and simple to apply.