Body, soul, spirit

Dear friends,

From antiquity to modern times, science has acknowledged that in order to be balanced, one must take care of one's body as well as one's soul and spirit.

The holistic way of life (a word that might describe it would be well-being) includes mind and body training, eating healthier, paying close attention to cultivating our spirit and our inner self.

To get closer to nature and to learn to respect it, to respect ourselves and those around us.
Alternative therapies, complementary to classical medicine, such as massage (massage) help us maintain good health and psychosomatic harmony.


We offer face and body massage services.

In our space you can also enjoy healthy drinks and snacks, attend art workshops and training seminars and become part of a beautiful company.

Thematic excursions are organized in nature with the main goal of training and relaxation of mind, soul and body.

Facial massage


Rejuvance massage bioenergetic face lifting (by Julie Hardenberg school)

Gua Sha

Gua Sha Traditional Massage (Chinese Ancient Traditional Face Massage)

Hot stones

Massage with warm volcanic stones

The Finger-Tip Energizing

F.T.E. Massage

Body Massage

Ayurvedic traditional massage

Ayurveda abhyanga full body massage

Αγιουρβεδικό παραδοσιακό μασάζ

Ayurveda Udwarthanam massage with herbal powder.

Swedish massage

It is the most common form of massage and is a light massage that mainly relaxes the muscles

Sport Massage

Το αθλητικό μασάζ ανακουφίζει από το στρες και την ένταση από τους ιστούς του σώματος μετά από μια κουραστική μέρα.

Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage is an intense and deep manual massage, which immediately offers a very enjoyable feeling of complete rejuvenation...

Hot stone massage

Μια θεραπεία με ηφαιστειακές πέτρες που έχουν τη δυνατότητα να διατηρούν υψηλή θερμοκρασία για μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα.